Halsema Highway: The Philippines’ Most Dangerous Road

Have you ever wonder what’s the most dangerous road in the Philippines? Those who travel or live in northern region probably familiar about this infamous road.

Well, the road I’m talking about is Halsema Highroad Point or the Philippine Pali. It’s situated in Cattubo, Atok Benguet and considered as the highest point in the Philippine highway system with an elevation of 7,400 ft above sea level.

I was kinda shocked when I saw this

This highway was once considered to be one of the most dangerous road in the world because when it rains, the asphalt portion of the road becomes slippery and it’s also built along a very landslide–prone area. However, thanks to the government, the road have drastically improved.

Several parts of the roads are well renovated

If you’re on a Northern adventure, there’s a huge possibility you’ll be driving through this road, otherwise known as Baguio-Bontoc Road or the Mountain Trail. In addition to that , passing through this highway is the only way to get to popular tourist spot, Sagada. Driving through this road is scenic, with drop off points that are so high in altitude, it’s even higher than the peak of Mount Banahaw!

Unfortunately, there are still some accidents happened here.

Since, we are sitting beside the driver we noticed that some areas are lacked guard rails and other areas were still unpaved. Buses have been known to topple right off the edge.

We passed by on this road during the rainy seasons, and the fog here are quite thick that visibility is almost impossible. Good thing that during our side trip to Baguio, there’s only a minimal raindrops.

Cordillera Region

If you’re also uncertain that you can make drive yourself, take the bus instead. Drive by day because it’s much safer and you’ll experience the best views during this time. It’s always better to err in the side of caution when you’re going through the country’s deadliest road.

Word of caution – Mind, body & vehicle must be in top condition due to the multiple bends along the length. Maintain vigilance especially during overtaking. Kudos to the local drivers in front where they will signal you if it is safe to overtake them. Take time to return the gesture to other drivers as well to make the drive safer.

One of my favourite shot

I didn’t sleep during our trip because the view is fantastic and there are even multiple stops where you can take pictures, buy souvenirs and food or just visit the comfort room to pee.

Kristian and I

Aside from the sign, the view from that point is pretty nice as well and should not be shunned. It’s the same view you see while driving through the highway but this is the time to take pictures while you are not in a moving vehicle. It helps in the quality of pictures… to not be in moving vehicles. Obviously!

From the viewing deck where you can find at the back of stores lined up at the road side, you will get an unforgettable glimpse of the nature which still quite untouched in this side of the country. How much more if we could have dropped by here at night? I wonder how many stars, constellations and planets will I be seeing.

Everyone who dropped by here enjoyed the cool wind. In fact, I was blow away by the overwhelming views of vegetable gardens, mountain ranges, the town of Kabayan, Atok and the deep valley. I was stunned by the daunting view right in front of me.

According to our driver in Sagada, this is a favorite stopover among tourist on their way to Sagada or back to Baguio city. It’s one of the most picturesque route I have traveled so far. Hopefully next time I could travel the whole stretch of it to fully enjoy the great views and enchanting landscapres along this hi-way

Anyway, do exercise caution in this area. Hope everyone remembers that this area is along a highway so cars, vans, or other vehicles may be speeding past the area every now and then. Be careful if you need to cross the street as it can be quite deadly. I cannot stress this enough. I’m really worried about the possibility of accidents in this area. The best picture is not worth your life…

I’m glad that the once deadly and dangerous road now gives travelers a peek of otherworldly beauty. Don’t be afraid to take this highway. Roll down the windows and feel the cold breeze. Enjoy every natural wonder you encounter. The drive through Halsema features jaw-dropping scenery and a way to experience the famous spot, Sagada.

Make sure this adventure won’t be your last and keep safe everyone!

Jacquelou Colitoy
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