How Scary is Asylum Manila?

Last update: Sept 10, 2019

Everyone loves a good scare and in the Philippines, we have so many spook stories about ghosts and people that have the third eye. I don’t like to be spooked easily but I love seeing my friends being scared silly. I visited this scary new theme park in Manila called Asylum Manila.

Asylum Manila is the scariest haunted attraction in Manila which is based on an American style. It’s not an escape room where you are only in one room. In fact, they have over 50 rooms, hallways, and passages with heart-pumping scares, lunatic actors and real-life crazy poops for you to experience total fear and put your sanity to the test.


In 1939 the Asylum was established as the Country’s premier psychiatric institute for the criminally insane. At the time it was far from any crowds of Manila and many new government buildings were being set up in Quezon City in preparation for it becoming the Country’s new capital. It was said that all of the worst and most violent psychiatric patients were brought to this place where they can be treated and where it would be safe to keep them from escape.

At the time the Country was still part of the US commonwealth, the Asylum was headed by a Dr. Vanicutt, a renowned psychiatric doctor from Pennsylvania. He was joined by his beautiful wife and their young daughter Anastasia.

After a mysterious and tragic accident, Dr. Vanicutt’s wife was killed. Soon after her death Dr. Vanicutt sunk into a state of madness and insanity, some say he was even possessed. He tormented his patients, he conducted grotesque medical experiments and many died, evil consumed this place.

In 1941 when the Japanese invaded, they found what they thought was an abandoned building. After foolishly stationing a garrison of soldiers there they soon went insane and slaughtered each other. No one entered after that and the building was left to decay and ruin.

As the years passed the City grew up around the Asylum from time to time some unfortunate person would wander in the building to find shelter and they were never head of again. Such horrific acts were reported to have taken place there and it is said Dr. Vanicutt is still in there, torturing his patients, conducting his experiments and collecting their souls.

Now in 2019, the doors of the Asylum are open again, welcoming new patients. Enter and see if you can survive and discover the horrible truth about what happened in the Asylum!


As we park our car just across the road, we saw a scary old building with a dark aura and it feels like someone’s waiting for us inside.

After a couple of minutes taking photos with other bloggers, we started to queue for our tickets and signed our waiver.

PHP 699 weekday (Mon-Thurs)
PHP 799 weekend (Fri-Sun)
PHP 1,200 VIP PASS (front of the line – no waiting)
VIP ticket

Student Discount is at P100 Off. Just present a valid student I.D. card. But this is only valid at the Asylum Manila ticket booth and not applicable with any offer or for VIP tickets.

with other bloggers
(Kristian, Carlo, Hazel, Tina and Valerie)

While waiting for our turn, Dr. Vanicutt and other actors went out from the haunted house to scare us.

As we enter, the creepy nurses gave us safety reminders and instructions. They allowed us to bring our bag inside the Asylum but picture-taking isn’t allowed.

You can enter the house with a maximum of 6 people per group.


It cost 250 php if you’ll avail the photo.

Kristian and I


If you get hungry, snack is available here.

They also have T-shirt souvenirs for 350 php only.

They have 4 different designs

If you want a thrilling horror experience and fun interaction with the terrifying actors, I highly recommend this place. It’s also worth considering for couples who want to go on a romantic scary date. hahaha. Don’t also forget to tag your friends with you!



  • It was really scary but fun.
  • This isn’t your typical horror house.
  • It’s only 3 floors but it brought us to strange and various places.
  • A massive walk-through dark attraction.
  • Holywood quality special effects
  • Actors will not touch you but don’t touch them as well or else
  • The actor and actresses are well-trained as well as their makeups.
  • Instagrammable photobooth


  • Website:
  • Facebook Page: Asylum Manila
  • Contact Details: 09453007408, 09453007404, 09474612808, 09474612707
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Opening hours: 4:00 pm to 12:00 MN
  • Address: #1148 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City – across the street from Christ the King


Celebrating your birthday this BER month? Come and experience ASYLUM MANILA . Visit any day during your birth month with a minimum of (5) full paying guests and you enter for FREE + your choice of a FREE T-SHIRT or  FREE SOUVENIR PHOTO Have a frightfully spooky BERday!

Book your tickets at

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