Team Lasalle!

We all know that Lasalle-Ateneo rivalry is so popular when it comes to UAAP games. So Kristian and I decided to watch their first basketball games. I bought our ticket on the website of smticket. The fee is only 300 each but there’s a service fee for 100 php, so all-in-all are 800 php for two pax.

We went first to sm cinema to redeem the ticket, had lunch together then went straight to MOA Arena.

Of course, we’re in La Salle court side because I’m one of their alumni. We’re going to support my school. hahahahah Kristian doesn’t have a green shirt during that time but then I informed him he can use white shirt the Lasallian color are green and white but did you noticed that we also use gray on some lasallian products? Because it’s suits on the color of my school lol

The game is so intense that we decided to buy some popcorns during the break time. It’s nice watching a game while eating.

Love this photo it shows how proud we are to be a part of Lasallian community

Sadly, Lasalle got lost to Ateneo but it’s okay. Maybe it’s not their time to win. So better luck next time boys!

After the game, it’s so traffic so Kristian and I decided to go shopping and have dinner around Mall of Asia.

It’s not a great day for us Lasallian people but we truly enjoyed the game and it’s also Kristian’s first time to watch UAAP basketball game. I’m happy that we did a lot of first-time activities for this year.

Jacquelou Colitoy
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