Ready Your Spacesuits – Baicon Infest 2020 Is Going Outer Space

With the threat of the pandemic still looming, BaiCon InFest 2020 is on a mission to prove that the future truly is in the Digital Space.

BaiCon, the largest virtual gathering of creators and influencers in the Philippines, held its Online Digital Press Conference last October 7, 2020, and unveiled this year’s theme: BaiCon InFest 2020 The Space Invasion.

The digital Press Conference, Blast Off, was hosted by Ace Gapuz of Blogapalooza and was attended by a panel of Space Ambassadors, the masterminds behind BaiCon InFest 2020,namely: Bea Evardone, CICP Board of Director and COO of Republiq Group of Companies(RGC) and BAI TV; Erwan Heussaff, CICP PR Officer and the man behind Fat Kid Inside; Jakode Leon, CICP Executive Director and the brains behind PaperbugTV; RJ Garcia, CICPDirector for CSR and the initiator of Apple Drive Project; and Jim Guzman, CICP President and Dentsu Network’s Head of Social.

The panel talked about various initiatives like the founding of the Creator and Influencer

Council of the Philippines (CICP), its advocacy drive #CreatorsUnitedPH, CICP’s Spotlight Awards, BaiCon’s poignant partnership with the Philippine Public School Teachers’ Association, and the significance of BaiCon in taking the Digital Entertainment Industry in the country to the next level.

RJ Garcia talked about CICP’s advocacy drive, #CreatorsUnitedPH, which aims to help raise funds for the much-needed DOH-approved PPE’s for our medical frontlines.

They also shed light on CICP’s Spotlight Awards, an annual awards show presented by the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines to give recognition to the achievements and milestones in the country’s content creation and influencer marketing industry.

BaiCon InFest 2020 is a two-day (October 23-24) virtual event that will be held throughout various digital platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Zoom. It will be attended by over 50 of the biggest and brightest creators and influencers in the country, including Mikey Bustos, Erwan Heussaff, Inka Magnaye, Bogart the Explorer, Gino Quillamor, Ranz and Niana Guerrero, Kimpoy Feliciano, Gie Cayetano, Haidee and Hazel Quing, Chinkee Tan, Dani Barreto-Panlilio, Xavi Panlilio, Kyo Quijano, Luigi Pacheco, Rozel Basilio, Echo Calingal, Jen Barangan, Shaine Buhat, Ali King, Alec Kevin, and many more.

It will also feature VisMin creators and influencers like Phillip of Davao Conyo, Alem Garcia,David Wilde X, Malaya Macaraeg, Sarah del Mar, Aicy and Trishia Fabe, and many more. BaiCon InFest 2020 is a FREE event where audiences will be entertained by their online idols as well as learn a thing or two about digital content creation and other digital topics.

To join in on the Space Invasion, register via our website or follow BaiCon InFest 2020 The Space Invasion’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

Are you ready?

Jacquelou Colitoy
Jacquelou Colitoy is one of the founders of She is a Nurse by profession and has been blogging since 2008. At the age of 20, she started exploring instagrammable places, discovering fascinating cultures, trying various cuisines, and taking amazing photos from local and international travel destinations.
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