How To Beat Homesickness When You Move Abroad?

If you’re one of the 1 million Filipinos leaving the country every year to seek a better life abroad, you must be full of excitement for your new adventure. With the excitement comes trepidation but here’s good news: a new book is written with you in mind! The Overseas Fabulous Pinay: A Modern Filipina’s Guide on How to Thrive Abroad by Donna Avellana Künzler is the comprehensive guide for the modern and professional Filipina determined to succeed abroad.

Tips from new book, The Overseas Fabulous Pinay by Donna Avellana Künzler

Avellana Künzler, who has spent almost 20 years abroad in a successful career in finance, acknowledges that one of the biggest issues that hit many Filipinos who move abroad is homesickness. However, she shares that she hardly felt it!

Here are her 5 tips on how she beat her longing for home:

Accept that “home” has moved.

When you move abroad, you are starting a life of your own and this includes building your new home. It’s good to condition yourself that the place where you are is home. 

Stay connected.

With the latest technology, it’s actually harder to stay disconnected! There are various social network platforms to choose from like Facebook and Instagram. It’s so much easier to see what your family and friends have been up to lately compared to before.

Make new friends.

It’s the relationships back home that we miss most. So the best way to stop longing for home is to establish new friendships in your new one! You can find them first in your new workplace. Attend social events after office hours. Ask for a work buddy. Join your company’s sports clubs. 

Be a kaladkarin!

Who has time to emote when you are having the time of your life? If you get any invitation to go out, accept it. Don’t stay home and mope! Ask your new friends out and help you explore your new neighborhood. Ask for help in shopping for items to make your new home comfortable. Visit the museums and parks. Go to the clubs and bars. Ask to go with your co-worker or neighbor to her yoga class.

Don’t limit yourself to Filipinos.

Abroad, you will be exposed to people of other nationalities and backgrounds. Of course, it’s great to have Filipino friends but don’t limit yourself—seek to build friendships with people from other nationalities. This is your chance to learn about other cultures and your chance to promote Filipino culture. Go and show off your karaoke skills, host a Filipino dinner and cook them adobo and sinigang, and show them what our beautiful country has to offer by sharing your latest Philippine holiday photos.

It’s all right to feel homesick every now and then, but don’t let it get in the way of you enjoying your life. Back in the home you left behind, the reality is that life goes on without you. You must also move on and give your new life a chance to blossom.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of helpful information in The Overseas Fabulous Pinay—an easy-to-read handbook jam-packed with useful tips, light-hearted anecdotes, and detailed guides on moving abroad. By the end of its 130 pages, you can expect to come up with a battle plan on how to move abroad efficiently, settle in and adjust to your new work culture, beat homesickness, and ultimately to enjoy your fabulous life overseas.

Avellana Künzler says, “Through my book, it is my goal to empower Filipina women by sharing my knowledge and years of experience of living abroad. My aim is to inspire and uplift the image of Overseas Filipina Women by being a role model to show that living abroad can be an enlightening and rewarding experience.”


This book is truly relevant for all its practical tips to not just survive abroad but to thrive as well. You will be equipped with useful information to create a fabulous life overseas—from a list of survival skills and necessary documents to compassionate advice on how to overcome homesickness and make new friends in your new home.


  • June 3, 2020 – Nonfiction Authors Association honored The Overseas Fabulous Pinay with a GOLD AWARD in its Nonfiction Book Awards.
  • July 22, it was also recognized as a Finalist in Best Interior Design in the 2020 International Book Awards.

More than just helping professional Filipinas moving abroad, Avellana Künzler also wants to focus on uplifting Pinays here. She says, “I want to use my author platform to support my advocacies on education, women empowerment, and the promotion of Philippine indigenous products which support local communities and the well-being of Filipinos overseas.” To support this cause, part of the proceeds from the book sales of The Overseas Fabulous Pinay will be donated to the Assumption Mission Schools.

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