Bedsheet Color Combinations To Enhance Your Bedroom Decor In 2021

Sleeping is my favorite past-time aside from the pillows that keep me comfy at night. I make it a point that my bed sheet is comfortable and matches my room as well. It’s also essential to change your bedsheets every week to avoid germs from spreading all over your face and body. Ever since the pandemic started, I tend to spend more time at home in my bed.  I always need a new pair of bedsheets every week. Protection is better than cure, so it’s important always to change your bedsheets and sterilize your bed. I do this not only for me to sleep comfortably at night but for hygienic purposes as well. 

I have a hard time finding some quality bed sheets online due to the pandemic. I was very fortunate to find a couple of bedsheets on the website. They have different types of bedsheets that go with your bed size, style, and personality. 

Types of bedsheets

Family Home Alstaten Fitted Sheet Set

I don’t take any bed sheets. I make sure that it matches my mood and my personality. I found a couple of bed sheets which I think go well in any girl or guy’s room! I would first start with the Family Home Alstaten Fitted Sheet Set. I particularly love this bed sheet because of the color. The blue-colored bed sheet reminds me of the cold breeze of the ocean and helps me relax. It helps me remind of the beach and gives me a sense of freedom. The best part is that it’s smooth and helps me sleep at night.

You can get this modern 3-piece set (1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases) with 250 thread count in beige and blue stripes background with an Aztec pattern for only P2,999,75.

Boutique Supima Fitted Sheet Set

You can also get another blue bed sheet with the Boutique Supima Fitted Sheet Set. iI’s a classic contemporary 3-piece set (1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases) made from Supima cotton with 500 thread count in plain white color. They only don’t come in blue but different colors including grey and white. This beautiful bed sheet only cost P3,599.80.

Boutique Virginia Fitted Sheet

Another separate bed sheet that’s a personal favorite of mine is the Boutique Virginia Fitted Sheet. If you’re a plantita or plantito then this bedsheet is the ultimate bedsheet for you. It’s covered with colorful plants that can match your drapes and wall of your room. It gives your room a certain nature vibe to your bedroom.  

These don’t come cheap, though, but I believe quality is essential. You can get the Boutique Virginia Fitted Sheet for only P3,679.80.

Family Home Biel Fitted Sheet

If you’re looking for a modern design on a bedsheet then I would highly recommend the Family Home Biel Fitted Sheet Set. I just love the color black and white. A modern contemporary 3-piece set (1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases) with 250 thread count in black and white with geometric pattern. This bed sheet just cost P2999.75.

Boutique Hotel Collection Fitted Sheet

But if you’re the type of person who wants a simple bedsheet and no design, I would highly recommend the Boutique Hotel Collection Fitted Sheet. These are the kind of bed sheets that you would typically find at a hotel. It’s simply a classic contemporary 3-piece set with 300 thread count in plain white color with stripes pattern. You can get this for only P 2,749.80.

So far, each of these bed sheets helps give me a good night’s rest and wake up a new woman. In the end, you need a good night’s rest for a brighter day. I would recommend these bedsheets not only for you but for your friends and family. These bedsheets make the perfect gift for anyone. Trust me. You’ll just love it!

Jacquelou Colitoy
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