Bearseum: An instagrammable place for all teddy bear lovers


When I hear the word “cute”, two things come to my mind which are puppies and giant teddy bears. These two things make people happy especially the kid. It is a known fact that teddy bears are no longer just a regular toy them but a best friend, if not part of the family. So if you love teddy bears as much as I do, then this post is definitely for you.

Recently, we discovered an Instagrammable place for all teddy bear lovers named Bearseum. This place is located in 45 Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite, one of the newest tourist attractions in Tagaytay.

Before our visit, I didn’t know what to expect since we just went to Tagaytay on that day to celebrate my birthday. I just had a quick Facebook search, and it revealed a few Facebook posts about this place but are not painting a clear picture of what inside the Bearseum.

This place offers a first-of-its-kind Bear Museum where you can:

  • take Instagram-worthy rooms at the Museum of Happiness
  • dine-in at their healthy food at BEARSEUM Kitchen
  • buy cute souvenirs from the BEARSEUM Gift Shop
  • book any of their themed rooms from BEARSEUM Suites for aan amazing vacay away from the city

BEARSEUM Museum of Happiness

The Bearseum of happiness is a creative experiential space that will inevitably reconnect you with all the beautiful and unique reminders that joy is everywhere.

The staff will guide you as you enter the museum. Before the tour starts you need to wear or bring your own socks. You don’t have to worry where you’ll put your shoes since they’ll provide a string bag where you can keep it nice and safe. I was wearing sandals during that time so I have no choice but to buy socks. It only costs P50.00 and they have sizes for babies, kids, and adults.

As we enter, we were welcomed by this huge teddy bear!

The next room is for pink lovers~

These bears are so huggable. I wanna take them home with me lol.

This is such a cute place!

A Bear in a Toy Box!

You can also hug these bears. They’re spotless. The staff cleans the bear every day with the same cleaning materials that are used by all one of the luxury hotels in the Philippines.

A stairway full of panda!

Stairway to happiness

Mommy bear together with his little bear

Whoever designed this place is so dope!

You can even sit on those mini chairs

And look on that colorful tree

Wear those floral headbands.

and get married! haha

Sit and take a photo with the King and Queen of Bearseum

And be a beary happy!


Aside from the museum, you can also book one of their extraordinarily decorated rooms bursting with bear-filled happiness and comfort that will surely provide guests with an exciting experience and heart-warming rest from within. The rooms are widely spacious and were based out of popular Filipino birthday motifs; A room not just for sharing but to have a fun-filled bonding with your loved ones.

Royal Delight

Royal Delight is a posh castle-inspired room. This royal chamber will definitely give you the majestic treatment you deserve.

A-game, when you take photos with our bear-y cute aristocrat friends, donned in their most fashionable regal outfits. It’s a royal treat you shouldn’t miss!

Be prepared to fall asleep in Cinderella’s chariot-turned-comfy bed and make sure to bring your OOTD

Royal Delight Fees

WEEKDAYS: 6150 PHP – as low as 1538 php per head for 4 pax
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 6900 PHP – as low as 1725 per head for 4 pax

  • One Single bed on a chariot
  • One Single bed and one King Bed in a double-deck
  • Good for a max of 4 persons
  • With Veranda


Do you love Japan’s cherry blossom, if yes then this room is definitely for you! Here at BEARSEUM’s Blossomville, we have cherry blossoms that bloom all year round.

And the best part? You get to sleep with them or take unlimited photos until you get the perfect shot!

Have a relaxing time with your family and friends while basking in the beauty and spectacle of the sakura.

You can also take a pose just like them lol

They also provide these things the same as other rooms.

Blossomville Fees

WEEKDAYS: 6650 PHP – as low as 1108 php per head for 6 pax
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 7400 PHP – as low as 1233 per head for 6 pax

Rates inclusive of breakfast for 2 and 2 passes to Museum of Happiness
– 290 php for every additional breakfast

  • Two Queen beds and one Single bed in a row (Long Family Bed)
  • Good for a max of 6 persons
  • With Veranda

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a magical fairyland-inspired room. A room for those who like to unveil hidden wonders in their vacation.

This room is so vibrant!

You can also hang out in a treehouse with your friends!

Play with your crystal ball.

These are the towels and the comfort room.

You’ll see these once you lay down on the bed in the other room.

And lastly, their roof deck

Enchanted Forest Fees

WEEKDAYS: 7050 PHP – as low as 1175 php per head for 6 pax
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 7800 PHP – as low as 1300 per head for 6 pax

Rates inclusive of breakfast for 2 and 2 passes to Museum of Happiness
– 290 php for every additional breakfast

  • One King Bed
  • One Queen Bed
  • One Single bed and one Double Bed (bunk bed)
  • 2 separate rooms – one with enclosure
  • Good for a max of 6 persons
  • With Roofdeck


Woodland is a mystical themed room. It has warm wooden details, whimsical lighting and trailing foliage and composed of three separate areas.

Ride and sleep on a safari jeep.

Fall in deep slumber with our cuddly forest creatures to watch over you

These woodland bears are so cute!

Yay! A room full of pandas

I am sure that Panda lovers will definitely love this place

Woodland Fees

  • WEEKDAYS: 6850 PHP – as low as 1142 php per head for 6 pax
  • WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 7600 PHP – as low as 1267 per head for 6 pax
  • Two Queen beds
  • One Single bed and one bed (bunk bed)
  • 3 separate areas per bed
  • Good for 6 pax

Beyond the Stars

If ever dreamed to become an astronaut when you were a child, then you must check out this room! Beyond the stars is riveting the outer-space-themed room.

Ideal for those who people that want their staycation to be in another galaxy.

You don’t have to go to a galaxy just to experience the wonders of the Milky Way!

They also offer bulk bed here.

The astronaut bear is waiting for you guys!

Beyond The Stars Fees

WEEKDAYS: 6150 PHP – as low as 1025 php per head for 6 pax
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 6900 PHP – as low as 1150 per head for 6 pax

  • Two Round Queen beds,
  • One Single bed (bunk bed)
  • Good for a max of 6 persons


Last but not least, the Atlantis. an under-the-sea inspired nook where you can deeply submerge in utmost rest and relaxation with the company of our bear-y friendly Aqualand creatures.

Look how pretty she is!

Aqualand creatures

A bear who loves scuba diving

Another room for the Nemo lovers!

Their comfort room is clean and huge.

Atlantis Fees

WEEKDAYS: 6450 PHP – as low as 1075 PHP per head for 6 pax
WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS: 7200 PHP – as low as 1200 per head for 6 pax

  • Two Queen beds, two Single beds in a double-deck
  • Good for a max of 6 persons

You can only chill out here with your friend if you’re check-in guests.


Aside from the suites and museum, Bearseum also offers healthy foods here which is a perfect spot for an indulgent time.

This restaurant is also perfect for family gatherings and even parties especially for children and to those who are looking for healthy food.

They provide lavish food that nourishes from the inside out. Their saying is “You are what you eat”.


Together with my friends, we started our dining experience with:

Adlai Paella – 395 PHP
Beetroot , Chickpea Salad with Tahini, Orange and Ginger Dressing – 290
Beef and Vegetable Stew – 390 PHP
Chicken Turmeric and Vegetable Frice – 290 PHP
Strawberry Banana Almond Butter Smoothie – 165 PHP
Chocolate smoothie (cocoa and spinach) – 195 PHP

All the ingredients that they used in making these foods are locally sourced and fresh. This is their way to support the local food and market. If you are curious about how they come up with these delectable dishes, they openly share their ingredients and recipe.

Through Bearseum Kitchen, they hope to encourage guests to be sustainable and achieve this kind of hearty meal at home through accessible and readily available ingredients.


Berseum also offers a rest area where visitors can shop for gifts at the souvenir store or grab a bite to eat at Lotteria, a nationwide fast-food chain.

Although many teddy bear museums can be found internationally, Bearseum in Tagaytay is the one and only teddy museum found in the Philippines. And now I’m happy to share with you guys my experience in this happy place.

This concludes my overall tour of Bearseum! With all that it has to offer, Bearseum promises to be a fun and memorable visit for adults and children alike.


  • Don’t forget to bring/wear your socks as footwear/shoes are not allowed
  • In case, you don’t have any socks. You can avail it for only 50.00 php at the gift shop.
  • You will only need approximately 15-20 mins. to finish museum experience (during weekends)
  • They will provide a FREE string bag for your shoes.
  • Vaping / Smoking is prohibited
  • Any kind of food and beverages are not allowed inside the museum
  • Present your wrist tag at the cashier to claim your token for the claw machine.


  • weekdays: P190/person
  • weekends & holidays: P240/person (friday-sunday)


  • Children below 3 feet are 40.00 php off
  •  Babies below 11 mos. old are FREE
  • BEARthday babies of the month are FREE! Simply show proof of birth date upon arrival with one generous paying friend.

 How to get there?

(Via Bus)
If you are traveling from Pasay/Buendia/Coastal, take a bus bound for Nasugbu. Get off at Olivarez Terminal. Take a van or jeepney going to Balibago or Sta. Rosa. You will find the Bearseum on the right sign of the road before Green Olive

Jacquelou Colitoy is one of the founders of She is a Nurse by profession and has been blogging since 2008. At the age of 20, she started exploring instagrammable places, discovering fascinating cultures, trying various cuisines, and taking amazing photos from local and international travel destinations.
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